As we are a non-profit organization, all funds are used to improve the organization. At this time we have four separate account heads: the Mehnaz Fatima Montessori, the Mehnaz Fatima Special Education Center, the Mehnaz Fatima Educational and Welfare Organization, and the Community Interventions for Children with Disabilities Project.

At this time we desperately need funds to build our own building, and to buy a new vehicle to transport special needs children from home to the Special Education Center, and back. In addition, many Montessori parents face transportation difficulties, so a bus for these children would also be extremely helpful. This has been a strong parent request since 1998. At this time, all of our staff are responsible for their own transport, and we would like to provide this facility if we could, as this is the norm for female staff in the Northern Areas.

All audited accounts are available on request.