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Assessment of Children’s by CICD Team

Introduction of Activity:

Assessment is the process of systematically gathering accurate, clear, concise, specific and current information include data collection, documentation and evaluation of the case well-being status and responses to health problems and intervention.

The individual assessment details is a plan of care that identifies the specific needs of a target individual and how those needs will be addressed by existing facilities. The assessment proceedings based on evaluation of the case status by performing an examination, observation and screened through formal assessment devices after taking a complete health history. It is done by multi-disciplinary team which is headed by the spatiality to detect weakness early and to establish complete Rehabilitation plan to facilitate from preventative, to treatment, to palliative care in relation to the individual’s status on the health. In this regard CICD team conducted Annual assessment proceedings for children with special needs at Rehabilitation Department under supervision of multi-disciplinary team by Monday 10 February to Wednesday 19 February 2020 and screened 15 cases for evaluation. The activity proceeding reflections as under:


  1. To identifies specific needs of the case and compile medical records.
  2. To take medical, Family and health history about causes of health status.
  3. To evaluate health, impairment and disability status of targeted case.
  4. To develop care management and Rehabilitation plan of the case.


Total 15 children with special needs screened for academic inclusion and referred for the following services respectively.

  • 7 candidates for academic service in MFM&IEC.
  • 4 for socialization class at rehabilitation center.
  • 2 candidate were absent.
  • 1 child for community school.