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Early child hood education is a branch of education theory that relates to the teaching of children from birth up to the age of eight. According to Who” Early Child hood (ECD) refers to physical, socio emotional, cognitive and motor development between 0-8 years of age. MFM&IEC is practicing Montessori Education system of ECD. The Montessori Method uses four types of scientifically developed material by Maria Montessori: censorial, language, mathematical and practical life. The main ingredients of a Montessori room are a prepared environment, a Montessori trained directress and a mixed age group so that younger children can learn from older ones.

Annually 60 students of age 3 are enrolled in Reception Montessori classes. The concept of inclusive education argues about provision of equitable opportunities for special children in class room environment. MFF in this regard has reserved 10% seats for special children at every class. In the year 2019, 60 students were enrolled in Reception Montessori included 10% of children with special needs. Montessori directresses teach basic concept of Math, languages, and censorial, they observe children in the classroom and outdoors and help children to develop balance personalities.