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During the reporting period, the professional development ofstaff, the academic development of students and linkages withprofessionals remained an active part of the teaching process.

1. Completed one year WSIP programme 11. Arranged regular Parent-Teacher meetings to share progress and problems of children
2. Introduced formative assessment system in the school to get more realistic results 12. Upgraded school to Middle level in 2013and during the reporting period our first batch entered in class 7
3. Introduced subject teachers from class 3to 8 as compared to previous practice of one teacher to one class 13. Hired 6 new staff with Science and Mathematics backgrounds to teach at higher level. One of them is working as a student counselor to provide continuous developmental and career guidance
4. Initiated curriculum review and started Students Learning Objectives (SLO)-based teaching 14. Sent one teacher to Amin Maktab Centre for Special Education and Training, Lahore, to train in Inclusive Education
5. Started preparing annual, monthly and daily plans to make processes more organized 15. Sent two teachers to the National Institute of Special Education, Islamabad for training in Inclusive Education
6. From the beginning of the new academic year (March 2013) we shifted our students to the newly constructed building 16. Reviewed and finalized classroom observation tool according to national standards of observation
7. Initiated continuous observations of teachers to see their progress in teaching and learning and organized regular on-the-job training for bringing improvement in their teaching and learning processes 17. Prepared school development plan to address learning challenges of students
8. Arranged sports weeks and other co-curricular activities to provide the children with opportunities of holistic development 18. Assigned added responsibilities to two senior teachers as Section Heads through a competitive process of test and interviews; this was done to support academic activities and improve the process of learning
9. Celebrated various events such as Quaid’s day, Pakistan day, Gilgit Independence day, Fathers’ day, Mothers’ day, Flower day, Fruit day, etc. 19. Obtained Middle level registration from the Government Education Department
10. Celebrated Parents’ day to share progress of their children where students performed a variety of activities

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