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To support our initiatives, build staff capacity, and develop strategic partnerships, we created linkages with a number of organizations, listed below:

1.Umeed-E-Noor Islamabad for staff training in various therapeutic modalities. The management agreed to train two staff each year through a modular approach.7.The Hashoo Foundation provides development and welfare services to many organizations and individuals. As a result of our visit to this organization, we have been able to understand their support mechanism and submitted a request for library books. The management has committed to giving five to seven thousand books to our library.
2.National Institute for Special Education-we wanted to benefit from their expertise in various fields in dealing with the needs of children with disabilities. The management agreed to offer a range of training options for our staff. Based on the commitment in the first step, they provided one month of training to two staff in using computers as aids for addressing challenges of children with physical disabilities, and three weeks of training to two staff in Inclusive Education.8.Beacon House and Roots School Systems-Through our linkages with these, we decided that we needed to plan more strategically to develop our Secondary School and pursue the more common Matric system instead of going for the option of “O” levels.
3.The Science School, Islamabad, in order to improve staff pedagogical skills through inquiry-based teaching. The management agreed to provide training opportunities to two staff members on a rolling basis.9. Government Special Education Complex and local institutions-we organized an excellent on-the-job training session, benefiting 35 of our staff members.
4.The Right School, Lahore, to see their networking system. The system provides franchise services and training opportunities. However, at this stage we might wish to become affiliated as our own name is an excellent brand in Gilgit-Baltistan.10.Government of Pakistan Social and Child Protection and Rehabilitation Unit (SCPRU), Planning and Development Department, Gilgit-Baltistan where we gave our input on the development of a child protection bill.
5.Amin Maktab Centre for Special Education and Training, Lahore has supported our organization for staff capacity building. During the last few years, there was a gap, which we bridged by visiting them recently. The management assured us they would continue their support for the capacity building of our staff;11.Two local partner organizations (the Karakorum Associates for Educational and Economic Development (KAEED) in Ghizer District and the Malik Welfare Organization in Baltistan were supported for SCPRU interventions. More than 120 children with disabilities were reached and about50% were enrolled in local schools.
6.The Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PSRD), Lahore, is a reputed name and provides various levels of services of therapies, treatment, surgery, artificial limbs, and vocational and financial support for developing people with disabilities. The management assured us they would extend their full support and that MFEWO would be considered a reference point for people who want to benefit from the services of PSRD.26© 2015 Mehnaz Fatima Education and Welfare Organisation (MFEWO)12.Submitted a number of grant proposals to various international donors like the United States Agency for International Development-Small Grant Ambassador Fund Programme (USAID-SGAFP), the Embassy of Japan, the German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GIZ) for construction and equipment for providing rehabilitation services to children with disabilities in the school.