CICD Program

The Community Intervention for Children with Disabilities (CICD) program was initiated in 2006 in the light of Mehnaz Fatima Educational & Welfare Organization’s (MFEWO) goal to “Creating Enabling Environment for Children with Disabilities” in Gilgit-Baltistan. Under this program various stakeholders were trained and sensitized through awareness campaigning & capacity building training’s. Under CICD program 470 children with special needs have been facilitated through rehabilitation services.

1. Community Based Rehabilitation Resource Center (CBRRC):

The Community Based Rehabilitation Resource Center (CBRRCs) established in 2017. The main aim was to provide safe & secure rehabilitation services for the children with special needs at their door step and strengthen community based rehabilitation (CBR) approach through greater community involvement by developing strong coordination among stakeholders. Primarily.  the MFEWO have been implemented this transformed strategy in two targeted villages of Gilgit region and functioning in respective area successfully, where individual with special needs availing different Rehabilitation services under supervision of CICD team with the help of resource mother. Furthermore, this center also working as a local training center for capacity building of other partners, particularly parents having children with special needs. Similarly the parents utilizing installed local made therapy materials at center for Rehabilitation of their children, In the meantime, the CICD team facilitating for therapy provision and enhancing capacity of resource persons on interval basis. At this time the resource mothers, who were trained in Basic Rehabilitation techniques working as a human resource in CBRRCs. The said space also utilizing for community gatherings and meeting point for other mothers to learn new techniques and share their experiences with other sufferings in this regard. These experiences increasing maximum community involvement in Rehabilitation activities and helping to transform the lives of individual with special needs and enhancing living standard by greater mobility. Through this program till now more than 20 cases catered from CBRRCs as per schedule visit on interval basis. 

2. Community Outreach Rehabilitation Service:

The outreach Rehabilitation services initiated in Gilgit region since 2006 under Community Intervention for Children with Disabilities (CICD) program implemented through door to door visit in scatted areas of Gilgit region. Under this services mothers and caregivers were trained in basic Rehabilitation techniques and sensitizing communities through awareness campaigning. Till now the outreach services have been covered more than 10 scatted villages in neighboring of Gilgit region to delivering safe and secure Rehabilitation services to the targeted group on regular basis as per schedule visit were dealing Impairments related to Physical, Hearing & Speech, Visual, Developmental Delayed & other Multiple Challenged cases by well-trained individuals through arrange numerous therapies, screening camp, mother sessions, counselling sessions. Similarly, the CICD focused on building the capacity of parents, care givers and teachers regarding the concept to ensure self-practice at home level. The outreach services also extending capacity building of community teachers indeed to ensured equal education opportunity through promote inclusive education approach by accommodating children with special needs in community school. In this regard more than 80 children with special needs have been facilitated for outreach services on regular basis.

3. Community Capacity Building Program:

The MFEWO focused on building the capacity of parents, care givers and teachers regarding the concept through organize capacity building sessions and training’s for targeted group as per need, aiming to enabled parents, care givers to practice learned basic rehabilitation techniques and enhanced self-practice approach at home level with better understanding. Furthermore, extending the program to building capacity of community teachers regarding inclusive education pedagogues, assessment of targeted case and develop individual education plan to ensured accommodation of children with special needs in near about community school for education services. Ultimately, inclusive development promoted by providing equal opportunities of learning new methodologies. In this regard MFEWO team provided in-house and outsource capacity building opportunities through organized more than 89 capacity building sessions and training’s for targeted group in their respective areas under CICD program.