IST Program

The Inclusive Education model needs technical assistance specific to the various levels that suggest a team with multiple expertise. For this regard a multi-disciplinary team consist of four members two candidates from each department academic and CICD with diversified skills named Inclusive Support Team (IST) has been formed 2017 to implement the model in MFEWO campus. The IST responsible to undertake activities at different stages to provide support in designing pedagogies, class room observation and monitoring the Individual education Plan (IEPs) implementation in classrooms. After through assessment of the case and parental session, the IST holds discussion with subject teachers to develop appropriate activities for the targeted Inclusive student to be implemented in the classroom. The IST monitors the progress of the targeted student on need basis and reviewed strategy to suggest modification for the improvement of leaning outcome. Till now more than 53 Inclusive students have been accommodated for academic services from campus and the IST provided regular support to the targeted teacher to develop strategy for improve target student learning outcome.