Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Mehnaz Fatima Foundation (MFF) is providing opportunities to its students to practice the targeted leadership skills by involving them in multiple committees like library committee, event committee, and assembly committee and so on along with teachers as their facilitators. It is also proposed that students as consumers of education are entitled to participatory rights in managerial processes and practices at the institutions (Obondo, 2000).

This provides students opportunity to learn from their teachers and work on their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Every year the process of selection of Head Boy and Head Girl through motivating speeches, colorful posters, and students’ campaign to market themselves followed by referendum is a fascinating exercise. Elected Head Boy and Head Girl represent MFF at different platforms within the school and outside the school. This practice will not only improve the leadership skills of our students but also develops their self-esteem and self-confidence.

This year total 15 contestants from Grade 7th and 8th participated in the competition of Head boy and Head Girl, out of 15 students 4 were selected for the second round considering their motto, level of participation and commitment. This was followed by referendum where all students had the opportunity to vote. The finalist who is elected this year for Head Boy and Head Girl is as follow:

  • Imran Ali (Grade 8) Head Boy

  • Faiza Zafar (Grade 8 ) Head Girl

The students who qualified for the title of House Prefect are:

  • Zain Ali (Grade 8 ) House Prefect

  • Purnoor Sultan (Grade 8) House Prefect

The result was announced on 2nd May in morning assembly presenting Saches by Mr. Abbas the CEO and Ms. Amina Academic Head to the elected students followed by Oath taking ceremony.


Obondo, A. (2000). Politics of Participartory Decision-Making in Campus Governance. Faculty of Education. University of Nairobi. Kenya