Staff professional development has been a number one priority for MFEWO, as no one in Gilgit was trained in early childhood education and education for those with disabilities before the Organization began. Until 2007, 22 staff have been trained in down country educational institutions for the Organization, and 9 more are undergoing training.


– Montessori training
– Long (8) and short courses (5)
– Training for primary education (6)
– Training for teaching children with disabilities (6)


Staff have gone to the Aga Khan University for training in early childhood education (5), inclusive education (2) and human development (2). Twelve staff have obtained short term training opportunities. In addition, 11 currently employed staff have been trained in Gilgit as Montessori assistants; at least 9 more were trained locally but have moved to other locations.

One teacher is being trained locally in physiotherapy, while one is on a long term course in Karachi. One teacher has completed her speech therapy training. The Amin Maktab Centre of the Pakistan Society for the Welfare of Mentally Retarded Children trained 2 staff members for the Special Education Centre and are currently training 2 more. The Gilgit Educational and Rehabilitation Centre (GERC) has trained 3 staff for the new ‚ÄúCommunity Interventions for Children with Disabilities Project (CICD)”.

Workshops have been held in Gilgit on:

– Early Childhood Education
– The Montessori Method
– Teaching Methodology

The trainers have come from:

– The Pakistan Montessori Association
– Montessori Teachers Training Centre
– Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO)

Loss of trained staff has been a problem, but our solution has been to continue training more staff and to develop further those who are already within the Organization to take greater responsibility. Our staff is hard working, responsible, and dedicated. We are proud of them.